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With Jonathan Sayre and Logan Sayre


The Midnight Train is restricted to 18+ as we bring you topics surrounding the creepy, the unsolved, and the mysterious with a plethora of dark humor and adult subject matter.

Join host Jonathan Sayre and his son, co-host Logan Sayre, as they dig deep into the unsolved, mind-blowing mysteries of the world, with a comedic twist!

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Nailed it!

The JD8 case was the first I heard on your podcast. As a person that lives 15-20 minutes away & remember these murders- seems like you guys nailed the crazy down here! There’s so much more to the case! I can’t wait to see if you guys look into any of the other stuff we have in the bayou!! Especially some of the others that are “suspected” to be related. 

CuJo Preston Spain

Love your show

Hey guys. My name is Preston from Dinwiddie, Virginia now residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve listened to yours guys show for a little while now especially since I’ve come back home from over seas. I just finished my 8 years in the VA National Guard as an infantryman and every since then I’ve never been huge on podcasts really I started listening to you guys. You are absolutely fun to listen to and I laugh everytime. I do have a story on a creature called the Hellhound when I was in Pennsylvania back in 2014 that changed my perspective on paranormal or mythical creatures. If you like to hear my story please let me. Thank you guys for doing what you do. And Jon im visiting Columbus at the end of May for a family thing and want to know your bars name to raise a glass to you, Moody, and the whole crew. Thanks guys


Hilarious take on horror and true crime!

Adore this show!


Love this podcast!

I love the combination of horror and comedy, can’t wait for the next episode to come out!

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